Provincial/Territorial Femicide and Prevention Profiles

Canada MapThe overarching goal of the Canadian Femicide Observatory for Justice and Accountability is to establish a visible and national focus on social and state responses to femicide in Canada. In doing so, we aim to understand variations in the occurrence of femicide as well as in the distribution of femicide prevention resources across the country.

We know that the rates and characteristics of femicide in general and across its various subtypes are not the same in all provinces and territories. It is also probable that there is variation in the ability to prevent violence against women, including femicide, across the country.

Therefore, the CFOJA will begin to document what is known about femicide and its prevention in each of the 13 Canadian provinces and territories as a first step toward building our understanding of femicide and how we are responding to this phenomenon.

The Provincial/Territorial Femicide Profile page provides some population facts as well as numbers and rates of femicide and subtypes as well as rates of violence against women more generally. These facts will be added to as we compile information.

The Provincial/Territorial Prevention Profile page currently lists legislation that is related, in some way, to the prevention of violence against women, including femicide. As we proceed, the relevance of the legislation to violence against women prevention will be identified and the CFOJA will continue to build on this information focusing on public policies, action plans, campaigns and so on.