CFOJA Update: 106 women and girls were killed in Canada as of August 31, 2018


  • english coverThe first eight months of 2018, 106 women and girls were killed in Canada, primarily by men. On average, this means that one woman or girl is killed every other day in this country, a consistent trend during the past four decades.
  • There is increasing attention to the vulnerability of older women because of their growing representation in the population. Almost one-third of the femicide victims were aged 55 and older, supporting the recognized need for priority attention to this group of victims.
  • Indigenous women and girls continue to be overrepresented as victims of femicide.
  • Almost half of the femicide victims were killed in their homes. This means that women are at greatest risk where they should feel safest.
  • Shooting was the most common method of killing where this information was documented.
  • One-third of identified accused were male partners of the victims. Three-quarters of these accused were still in an intimate partner relationship with the victim and one-quarter were in dating relationships. These patterns underscore the importance of pending Criminal Code changes to capture dating relationships and current legislation which directs judges to treat intimacy as an aggravating factor at sentencing.

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